Untethered Hiatus

Hi Friends,

This is a post we haven’t wanted to write, but as a team we’ve decided we’re past due to announce this:  

We don’t know if we’ll be able to finish Untethered. We’re placing it on hiatus.

The last few years since the release of That Dragon, Cancer have been a period of both growth and struggle for us as a team.  As we’ve been learning what it takes to sustain a studio and mature as a team, we also have had the opportunity to work on client projects we are proud of.

Our work tends to be unconventional and the project we started after That Dragon, Cancer was no exception.  In 2016 we started on a new narrative, voice-driven VR experience called Untethered, which we released two episodes of for the Daydream platform in early 2017.  In mid-2017 we were hard at work on a third episode when unfortunately, we lost our funding.  Since the VR space is still emerging and forming, this left us unable to fund the finishing of our third episode without further outside investment.

Facing an uncertain future, we turned to client work to help sustain us with the hope that if we could find a new financial base for Untethered, we would be able to finish the story we started.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to find finishing funding for the project, and so with more fans asking when Episode 3 will arrive, and with our own financial inability to finish, we have decided to put it on hold.

We are contemplating other more creative funding options for finishing the series, including perhaps seeing if we can find momentum on another platform. However, for now, the project is on hold indefinitely.  

If you purchased any episode of Untethered, we thank you.  Your support means the world to us.

If you’ve pre-ordered Episode 3, we will be issuing refunds. For those who’ve already emailed us asking about Episode 3, we’ll be in touch with you directly.

If you’ve purchased Episode 2 and desire a refund for any of the episodes, we’d be happy to honor your request, just send an email to business@numinousgames.com with a copy of your receipt.

We apologize for staying silent for so long and for any frustration this may cause those of you patiently waiting for a third episode.

We don’t know what the future holds for us as a studio, but we thank you for walking with us on this journey, and for your patience with us.

- Ryan and Josh with the Numinous Games team.

Ryan GreenComment